• Iranian Consulate, Hyderabad
  • The Leela Palace, Bangalore
  • ITC Hotel, Kolkata
  • S.S.S. Speciality Hospital, Bangalore
  • Vydehi Institue of M.S, Bangalore
  • Masjid-e-Khadria, Bangalore
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Ferrocement Advance Construction is a modern and efficient organization specializing in industrialised building systems of pre-cast pre-tension buildings and structures to meet the specific requirements of the country. Ferrocement Advance Construction with its highly qualified engineering team offers a comprehensive building and development services, right from the
planning stage upto all the phases of execution.
Ferrocement Advance Construction, has successfully tackled an improved array of assignments, ranging from single and multi-storied units residential quarters, shopping complex and sanitary structures, electric poles, concrete frames,elevate water tanks, ground tanks, domes, ornamental elements, reservoirs as well as Industrial Buildings etc.

Research is the motive of Ferrocement Advance Construction. (speed, quality, saving of manpower, low-cost). It is well worth considering time saving and cost saving Ferrocement products in all types of building projects, wall elements.
our products
  • Air Balloon Technology
  • Exterior Ornamental Elements
  • Industrialised Building systems
  • Water Tank